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Rating: 5.5/10 (5848 Votes)

Hand Made By "TikiRoa" at the "Tiki Tattoo" studio in Koh Phangan Thailand.
No machines are used all by hand.

This tattoo photo from Tiki Tattoo Koh Phangan was uploaded 11/01/2010 and was sorted into the categories tattoos->Traditional, tattoos->Tribal.
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Comments for this tattoo:

mike posted 12:34 on 04/09/2011:
Freaking awesome ink, I have seen this guy on the beach in goa india and the color is actualy brown, it looks so cool it's like he is born with it, like some kind of alien.Man I want one bad !!!
tiki posted 13:55 on 05/01/2011:
We now also do custom designs over the internet.If you are interested in getting a custom polynesian tattoo design to get done back home then please contact Tikiroa @ tikitattoo@hotmail.com or if you are going to thailand and would like to get a tattoo from tikiroa then you can contact us at the same email adress or find us on facebook : Tiki Hadrin
johnny posted 09:20 on 07/26/2011:
007 posted 07:20 on 07/27/2011:
Ich gebe für diese klasse Arbeit nochmal 10 pkt
Jeffrey posted 07:47 on 11/15/2012:
That Is Tribal !!!!!!!!

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