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Anchor Tattoo

The Anchor is originally the symbol of a surface crossing by ship of the Atlantic Ocean. If we talk about old times, anchor was a symbol which was tied to the Christian church. Anchor is used to hold the big ships in general, similarly anchor tattoo is meant to hold steadfast any trouble.
Anchor tattoos are considered as one of the oldest tattoo designs.

The Anchor tattoo is associated with the early Christians. That is why anchor is often used as a concealed symbol for cross. The basic meaning behind that was these people were Christian while avoiding persecution from the Greeks. This was all about ancient symbolism. Later on, this anchor symbol became associated with sailors.

Anchor tattoo carries many hidden meanings in its depth. Most common meaning throughout the world is its stability. People use it for the stability and strong basis. Like boys get this tattoo to show the strong bond they have with their girlfriends. Similarly a girl draws this anchor tattoo on her body to explain that her boyfriend is the stability in her life.

In ancient times, these tattoos were also linked with sea gods. Anchor design with a horizontal bar under the ring is symbolized by asset of its similarity to a cross. When some other symbols are added to this anchor, the meaning is changed.

In U.S Navy, there is a famous tradition that a person will only get the anchor tattoo if he has crossed/sailed the Atlantic Ocean safely. Religiously anchor tattoo is worn by a person who is faithful to Christianity.

There exists one main type of anchors i.e retro anchor. These tattoos do not have any specific meaning rather they are used as a pride for the historic anchor tattoos and traditions. Nowadays mostly those people like to get these anchor tattoos who consider themselves peaceful in their lives and think they have achieved much.

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