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Care of a fresh tattoo

After going through the processes of tattooing one has to remain very careful regarding its healing. When the healing process is complete, exposure to the sunlight without using sun block has to be avoided. Before starting off with tattooing one has to choose an expert tattoo artist because there is likelihood the best tattoo can be destroyed if not taken care during and after tattooing. An expert always gives the best suggestions and guidelines to the customer. First thing that one has to do with his tattoo is to keep it clean by using anti viruses.
First thing is to follow the instructions of the tattoo artist carefully. Patience is the most significant factors of tattooing. Bandage should be left on the wounded or punctured areas. It depends on your artist how long he instructs to wear the bandage but till than exposure should be absolutely avoided. Bacteria which exist in the air may attack the wound and infect the skin. Bandage must be taken off after soaking it with lukewarm water so that the wounds may not be peeled off harshly. After tattooing is done it is necessary to wash it with the help of hands and not with any sponge or piece of cloth along with an anti bacterial soap. Never use it after the 1st time or immediate process of tattooing.
Application of some ointment is also advised by the tattoo artist for approximately two to three days after tattooing. Rubbing the wound can be dangerous in terms of causing erosion of the design and it is painful as well. A thin layer of ointment is to be applied so that it may not be suffocated.
Do not shave the tattoo or shave around it until it is allowed by your tattoo artist because shaving can be dangerous. Even when your tattoo is completed healed; never expose it to sun without a sun block. Sun light exposure is avoided because it may fade the tattoo. Tattoo may peel off after sometime like an onion skin so there is nothing to be worried. Taking showers and swimming should also be avoided.

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