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Cross Tattoos

Cross tattoos are considered to be most popular among many other varieties. There exist many types of cross tattoos starting from Celtic cross tattoo, Gothic cross, Iron Cross and Christian cross tattoo. Celtic cross tattoo designs are the most renowned one.

Celtic cross tattoo designs include complicated knot work. These never ending and never beginning designs are loved because of their beauty. Scottish, Irish and Welsh generations usually get these tattoos to show their love and honor to their legacy.

Gothic cross tattoo has no religious or heritage significance like Iron cross tattoo. It has been originated from 14th century and was the symbol of Teutonic Knights. But today it is a figure of strength and honor.

Christian cross tattoo is the most common type of cross tattoos. This can be further classified into two forms of tattoos: The Latin Cross and the Crucifix which is widely known by everyone.

Cross tattoos can further be modified by the tattoo artists. Any name or symbol may be added to that cross. To make it less religious, some people add more designs to the general cross. Some like to have a wooden cross with roses wrapped around it or two swords crossing in the middle. There exist many other options and varies from person to person.

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