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Dot tattoo

The making of various imprints on the different parts of the body is known as tattooing. Dot tattooing is one of the various styles of tattooing. The dot tattoo is usually done with black ink or rarely with grey colored ink. In this style only the outline of the picture or design is made and the skin is not colored.
These tattoos are used for the expression of thoughts and are meant to show the affiliation or attraction of the people with some group. These tattoos may contain some message. Dot tattoos are widely used for identification purpose by different gangs in America and in European countries. This is the reason that the tattoos are not welcomed in many societies of the world. People with tattoos are not allowed in some of the public centers like fitness centers or gyms and other social centers.
In older times, the art of tattooing was used for the purpose of punishment also. The prisoners which were shifted from Great Britain to Australia were disgraced by writing different disgraceful words on their bodies. These dot tattoos were used for the identification of the soldiers. Different designs were selected by different nations. In the modern days these tattoos are a symbol of nation's traditional heritage. A similar tattoo may have a different meaning for different people. In Portugal, US and France, five dot tattoo is the most famous variety of dot tattoo.
There is also a religious aspect of these dot tattoos. In some areas of the world dot tattoos are made as a superstition. Few people do believe that by making three dots on the back of their hand will save them from the evil powers. This art of tattooing is not supported by many religions of the world but some religions allow it openly.
Dot tattoos are easy to make, less time consuming and a professional artist can finish it in very short time. Due to the less complexity of dot tattoos these are not very costly. As these tattoos save time and money so they are preferred on colored tattoos these days.

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