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Dragon Tattoo

These tattoos are known worldwide for two reasons: one is strength and the other is spiritual and magical. There are many tattoo varieties like Asian Dragon, Black Dragon and West Dragon.
East and West Dragon are the opposite of each other but both are extremely mythological symbols. The Eastern dragon is known to be the guard of people and indicates richness. To believers it is the distributor of water and good luck. On the other hand, Western dragon is supposed to take people's lives and collect huge piles of treasure from them.
If compared symbolically, Eastern dragon tattoo is like a huge snake while Western dragon tattoo has a thick, scaled body and bat-like wings. Eastern dragon represents the four basic elements of life like i.e earth, fire, wind and water. Western dragon represents the cyclic nature of life.
Most commonly dragon tattoos are colorful. But some artists prefer them in shades of black and grey.
A dragon tattoo on man and woman has different meanings. When a dragon tattoo is drawn on a man, it represents the strength, power and richness. When it is on a woman, it shows that a woman is independent and she does not really care what other people may think of her.
The background of dragon tattoo can be modified with flowers, flames or any other symbol one prefer. People sometime like to portray the whole story or any landscape in the backdrop of dragon tattoo.

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