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Health Issues with Tattoos

There are several health issues that are related with tattooing. Allergies of different kinds, few diseases and reactions are most likely to be caused by tattoos, if the equipment and the ink of the tattoo are not up to the standard. This can be a point of worry for all those who want to have a permanent tattoo on their skin. This article is based on all those health issues related to tattooing that should be well clear in the mind of all those who want to have a tattoo on their skin.

Tattooing is done by inserting the ink into the first layer of your skin by special equipment that acts just like a sewing machine. The needles that are connected with this device do pierce into your skin repetitively and insert very small drops of ink into your body according to any specific pattern of tattoo. This breaching of skin can be a big cause of many skin infections, reactions and diseases. Let me take you into the little details!

The dyes that are included into the tattoo ink can cause allergic reactions. Red dye is mostly the cause of such skin reaction and the result of this is the severe itchy rash at the place where tattoo is located. This is the most common skin reaction related to tattoos. Some skin infections that may be caused by tattoos include swelling, pus-like drainage and severe redness and as mentioned above, these infections are most likely to cause if the tattoo has been made from any parlor that is not following the proper standards of tattooing.

Have you ever heard of granulomas? This is actually a bump that is caused because of poor quality tattoo ink, especially the ink of red color. The scar tissues overgrowth may also be caused by tattoo ink which is also known as keloids. If the machinery that is used for tattooing is contaminated with the blood, it can cause many bloodborn diseases like hepatitis B and C, tetanus and even HIV virus.

One of the biggest skin allergy that you may get from tattooing is because of the latex gloves that tattoo artists wear while tattooing, If you are badly allergic to latex, do tell it to your tattoo artist so that they may arrange different gloves for you otherwise you may catch severe skin allergies like swelling or severe irritation. Stay Safe!!

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