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Hold Fast Tattoos

Hold fast tattoo is a type of tattoo which is not so common nowadays. In ancient days, the sailors had a tattoo of a shape of rope around their wrist to represent their profession. In older days there was not so much travelling around the globe and the people were not aware of many places around the world. So in order to provide awareness to people of the places where sailors had been, they got themselves tattooed to certify their experiences about where they have travelled around the earth. These tattoos were mostly Hold Fast Tattoos that represent the places that sailors had visited.

The seamen around the world had been very superstitious so as a good luck charm they used to get Hold Fast tattoo on the knuckles of their Left and Right hands. To prevent themselves from sinking and keeping their feet away from water the sailors were used to get a tattoo of pig on one foot and a tattoo of roaster on the other foot. That is because of the fact that both these animals fear water so sailors thought that this tattoo would prevent them from drowning. All such tattoos come under the category of Hold Fast tattoos.

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