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Japanese Tattoo

There are different ways for expressing one's ideas or vision and one such idea is tattoos on the body. Tattoo means to make some design, sign, picture or any statement permanently on body. This is done by using special ink which is injected into the skin layers to form permanent effects. There are different styles of tattoos and one of them is Japanese tattooing. In Japanese this art of making designs on the body parts is called as ?irezumi?. This art is very old in Japanese people and has become a part of their tradition. This tattooing art has extended back from ancient times.
Japanese tattoos are very colorful and attractive. These tattoos are usually very different from others styles that are used in other parts of the world. In this style of tattooing almost all colors are used, where as in others styles normally black ink is commonly used.
It is really difficult to make Japanese tattoo and only specialists' tattoo artists can do that perfectly. These tattoos can't be completed in one sitting because they are really complex and time consuming. Easiest of the tattoos would take months for completion. As a lot of skill is required for Japanese tattoos and a lot of time is spent on creating it, so the artist would cost more. This is the main reason that usually people prefer common tattoos that can be completed in shorter period of time and that are less costly than Japanese tattoos.
This art is a symbol for Japanese tradition but still in Japan people with tattoos are forbidden in many social places like public baths, gyms, Pools, fitness centers and other public places .That is because, for many years these tattoos were used by notorious gangs. These were mainly associated with the most notorious gang of Japan named ?yakuza?. But this trend of tattooing is growing in all parts of the world and so in Japan.
Art of tattooing is used for different purposes by different people. Some people use it for religious purpose and some use it for showing association with some group, institute or any team. According to the religious point of view it is forbidden in many religions of the world like Christianity.
The use of latest technology is very helpful in making Japanese tattoos. As they are times consuming and difficult so with the help of technology this work load can be reduced by using new and advanced equipment.

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