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Marquesan Tattoo

Marquesan tattoo is named after an island named as Marquesas Island. This is an island of south pacific. Marquesan tattoos have unique designs and can easily be distinguished from other tattoos. They have this special trademark symbols like centipedes, geckos, Marquesan cross and some geometric designs.

Marquesan tattoo ink uses only black ink for their tattoos. The black ink reflects a blue sheen in the sunlight. This is indeed a very old tradition in these islands. In ancient times Marquesan tattoo was tattooed by old tools but now it is done with modern machines.

People from this area start getting these tattoos in their teenage and mostly have tattoos on their whole body when they reach some older ages. Marquesan tattoo usually include skull, tongue and eyelid symbols.

Women from this island also get Marquesan tattoo to show their affiliation toward their region. tattoos on women normally has same symbols with some feminine touch, Girls get this tattoo on legs, arms and lower back.

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