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Medical Tattoo

Medical tattoos are those tattoo symbols which are used to show person's disease. It is used in the emergency cases when a person himself is unable to tell the disease he is suffering with. Like a diabetic get this tattoo and if in any accident he could not tell the doctors about his disease; his tattoo will speak for him.

Medical tattooing is common in military where a person's imperative medical information is tattooed on his body which is required in case of injury. Like a military person's blood group is tattooed on his body. These are used as a replacement to medical I.D bracelet.

Medical tattooing is closely related to a modern medical innovation cosmetic makeup/surgery. There are many cases where women get their eyebrows with the help of this technology. Burn victims, cancer survivors and people suffering from other such diseases which affect their physical beauty consider this medical tattooing a blessing.

The medical field where tattooing is widely used is cancer treatment. After the radio therapy a mark with the help of tattoo is made on the body so that next time, doctors do not have to map out the affected area.

One must have seen this medical tattoo on hospital ambulances. It usually looks like a ?six-point star of life? which is red and black in color. It has spiraling serpent inside.

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