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Rose Tattoo

Rose tattoo as the name suggest is associated with love and romance nowadays. But if we look into the history, it was originated in 16th century where rose tattoos were drawn on the body of prisoners who were sentenced to death. Today, meanings are entirely changed and rose tattoos are used to characterize love, beauty and relation.

In rose tattoo, every color has its own meaning. Red rose signifies love and romance, orange rose portrays wish and white rose is used for purity. Yellow roses are used for the lack of faith or envy.

Rose is basically related to females but if a little addition is done to the rose, it can be transformed to a male version tattoo. Like some tattoo artists add thorns to flower to make it a male tattoo design. Some tattoo artists use sharp edges and dark colors to make appropriate symbol both for men and women.

Yin and Yang symbol is sometimes mixed with rose tattoo to give the meaning of male and female; light and dark or balance as a whole. Some people like vine tattoos along with rose tattoos. These are often done in small patterns.

If someone is looking for the religious meaning of this tattoo symbol, then they also relate it to the blood of Jesus Christ.

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