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Skull Tattoo

Skull tattoo is one of the most aged tattoos. Normally skulls and skeletons are considered the symbol of death. There are many varieties of skull tattoos. Skull is the symbol to show that humans are mortal and this life is going to end one day. We better live it to its fullest.

You must have seen the skull tattoo on pirates and bikers. The difference between these two tattoos is that the skull tattoo on bikers is with red eyes or in flames while the skull tattoo on pirates is a crossbones style skull with blades.

In addition to these tattoo designs, there exist many other styles which vary from person to person. Some people like to get flowers growing in eye sockets of a skull. Other prefer to have a skull with bones in cross. All of these different styles have their different meanings. Flowers in the skull eye represents stability of light and dark. Some mean death, some mean illness.

Girls also get skull tattoos. Some girls get this skull tattoo because her boyfriend has one. Although some feminine symbols are added to her skull in order to make it appropriate on a female body.

In Mexico, sugar skull tattoo is famous which is symbol of the dead holiday. People get this tattoo to express their feeling for the dead people.

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