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Star Tattoo

Star tattoos are known as the first tattoo design ever because of their simple drawing. Stars are universal symbol and many meanings can be derived from them. There exist many types of star tattoos starting from shooting star tattoo to nautical star tattoo and the Star of David tattoo. Moon star tattoos, 56 star girl tattoos, and Pentagram tattoo all are famous with both men and women.

Nautical star is a symbol which is linked with Sea services armed forces and with tattoo culture. It is a five-pointed star and has light and dark shade colors. The nautical star indicates the person's membership in U.S Navy or Marine corps. The five-pointed star is also linked with the national flag of United States. The dark and light shades in the star originated from old marine charts.

Shooting star tattoos come in many different styles and shapes. They are usually tattooed on shoulders, arms, abdomen or ankles. They stand for a short moment in life just like a floating star. These are considered a symbol of success and good luck.

Moon star tattoos represent the night as the name suggest. Different tattoo artists design them in their own different ways. Some make them in long fairy tale and some have elegant designs. As far the meaning of this tattoo is concerned, it does not have any profound meaning but still it's the most beautiful tattoo design and loved by ladies.

Pentagram tattoo was originated from Ancient Greek and it was used by Pythagoreans at that time. The concealed meaning behind this symbol is health and wellbeing. By many people the same tattoo symbol is well thought-out as a religious figure. For them it is a sign of protection against evil. For some it is a sign of feminist and for others it is a figure of mathematical perfection.

The Star of David tattoo is a six-pointed star and possesses spiritual connotation. It is a Jewish symbol. They believe this symbol as the sign which shows the rule of god over universe and his protection all around.

Similarly there are other star tattoos like 56 star girl tattoo and multi star tattoos.
Though all star tattoos are for both men and women yet they are more popular among women because of their delicate and intricate designs.

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