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Swallow Tattoos

Swallow tattoos are the tattoos of shape of a bluebird or swallows engraved or designed on different body parts mostly around the neck, hips, chest, back and shoulders. There is a specific tradition related to swallow tattoos and these tattoos are considered lucky for the sailors around the world. Sailors wear swallow tattoos mostly on their chest as a good luck charm because of the fact that these swallows and bluebirds are normally found near the land. So they act as a superstitious satisfaction for the sailors that the land is near.

There is a tradition which is religiously followed by the sailors that is whenever a sailor crosses the eqautor or they have sailed 5000 nautical miles, they get a swallow tattoo on their chest. Swallows have always been the symbol of love, so many people get swallow tattoos for screening love and affection for their mate. Some prisoners would get tattoo of two swallows as a gesture of freedom on getting out of prison.

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