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Tattoo ink

Tattoo inks come in variety of colors and we can get many different shades and colors by mixing together the easily available tattoo ink colors. Basically, tattoo ink is a combination of pigments and carrier. Some tattoo artists make their inks by mixing different colored inks together while most artists buy already made inks. These ready made inks are also known as pre-dispersed inks in the world of tattooing. Tattoo ink is very hard to remove and perfect tattoo removal needs high quality removing material and lots of efforts. Inks that are developed recently are comparatively easy and simple to remove.

The tattoo inks have some standards that are set exclusively by United States Food and Drug Administration as it comes under the category of cosmetics. Tattoo ink contains many harmful heavy metals that are used for giving ink any specific color and are also known as pigments. These harmful metals are like mercury, lead, titanium and cobalt, just to name a few. These heavy metals can be the cause of many hazardous diseases like cancer and reproductive defects. There are many metal-oxides as well that are used in the preparation of the pigments of tattoo inks that are equally harmful. These include Ferrocyanide and Ferricyanide! Many organic chemicals and compounds are also used in the preparation of inks. Some compounds are beryllium, sulphur and arsenic!

Many traditional tattoo makers use materials like dirt and even blood in tattoo ink preparation. Be aware of those tattoo parlors that falsely tell people that the inks they use have FDA approval as it can be really dangerous for your health. Besides pigment, carrier is another constituent of the tattoo inks. It is just a solvent that acts as a pigment carrier and also keep the ink uniformly mixed. Moreover, it keeps the pathogens away from ink. Water, glycerin and denatured alcohols are few solvents that are used mostly in tattoo ink preparation.

Nowadays, many temporary tattoo inks are also available but it is better avoiding its use. That is because such inks cause rashes, itching, open sores and many other problems after removal. So, why to trade off the health with the poor quality temporary tattoo ink?

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