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Teardrop Tattoos

As the name suggest, teardrop tattoo is placed below the eye. This is originally linked with Chicago gangs from California. There exist no symbol without any meaning out there; same is the case with teardrop tattoo.

Teardrop tattoo is drawn by a person in the loving memory of a close friend or a dear relative. People who have this tattoo under their eye simple mean that they have lost their loved one.

Teardrop tattoo is shaped just like a tear and that is why it is also known as tear tattoo. Most of the time teardrop tattoos are possessed by the people to show their pain. That is why you may see prisoners, thugs, gangsters and crooks wearing that tattoo.

Sometimes the whole gang gets this tattoo to show their membership with any precise gang. In prisons, criminals get this tattoo to show the number of killings they have done. One tear represent one murder.

There exist two entirely different meanings behind this symbol varying from location to location. At one place it represents murder and the other it shows loved one's death. But both times, it is the symbol of pain, grief and sadness.

To kill the confusion, one can distinguish between two above mentioned meanings of this tattoo. If the teardrop tattoo is just in the form of outline; this represents the killing of someone's love but if the tattoo is colored from inside, it means that the person himself has killed someone in revenge.

Nowadays some people get this tattoo just for the sake of fashion.

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