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Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoo looks just like a real tattoo in its looks and design but it is not a life time tattoo and remains just for few weeks. The ink of temporary tattoos is not inserted into the skin and that is why it is not a permanent makeup. Sometimes such tattoos are drawn or painted on the skin just like body painting but most of the time they are transferred to the skin. There may be many purposes of a temporary tattoo like advertisement or self expression.

Remember those bubble gums that have temporary tattoos inside? Which you can apply on your skin anywhere and get an impression? Those tattoos were very substandard ink transfers and the designs people get through those were mostly blurry and extra easy to remove. These old temporary transfer tattoos have been replaced by the newer transfer tattoos that contain glue with the ink and leave their impression for much extra time as compared to the old tattoos. The ink of the temporary tattoo resides on the upper most layer of the skin and gets faded away after few days. Transfer temporary tattoos are so easy to apply as you just have to remove the plastic sheet and make the contact of the image with your skin. After applying water and rubbing gently for few minutes, you can remove the backing to get a temporary transfer tattoo. You can get such tattoos easily from the market now days.

Another form of temporary tattoos is a Henna tattoo that is also known as Mehndi in South Asian tradition. Henna is a plant whose leaves are converted to powder form and then a paste is made from it. That paste is then applied over the skin surface to get any shape of temporary tattoo mark. Henna can also cause you few skin reactions and allergies like itching.

Temporary airbrush tattoos are applied just like real tattoos but do no harm to the skin. Tattoo artist creates this type of tattoo with a special brush called airbrush. The design of airbrush tattoo is totally in the hands of artist and this give the feeling that you are having a true tattoo experience. The equipments and the inks of the temporary tattoos are so much developed now that people normally remain unable to judge that whether it's a true tattoo or not. Have fun tattooing!!

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