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Traumatic Tattoos

Traumatic tattoos are also called natural tattoos because people get them on their body in case of accidents. Traumatic tattoos take place when any stuff like tarmac (asphalt) is rubbed into the wound. This wound could be the result of some road accident or explosion from firework.

Traumatic tattoos are usually blue or grey in color. It occurs due to the disposition of vex, wreckage, dirt or gunpowder in the skin because of some injury. Traumatic tattoos are harder or even impossible to remove because they penetrate to lower layers of the skin.

Some new research proves that traumatic tattoos are possible to be recovered from or at least their appearance on skin can be lessened. The medical treatment is known as isotretinoin therapy. In addition to all these methods, some people use laser therapy to cure traumatic tattoo.

Treatment of traumatic tattoo is tricky but if done with extensive care, patients do recover from this. Immediate care of traumatic tattoo is necessary to avoid further damage to your skin.

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