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Trends of tattooo

A fashion which we think has developed not so long ago is a trend being followed from 5000 years ago. It has been derived from the Tahitian word ?tatau? which means ?to mark something" and since then this trend has been diversified all over again and again infinite times. These are created by inserting different colors beneath the thin layer of skin. Tattooing had started earlier in countries like china, Japan, Egypt, Polynesia ,ancient Greece and Rome, the Celts, and it has been found flourishing with absolutely new and creative ideas in places like Indonesia, India, Thailand, Africa, England ,France and almost every part of the world where people have a slightest of idea about the fashion trends. The evidences of these ancient trends of tattooing have been found by the archaeologists who found mummies with tattoos on their bodies.
Tribal tattooing has remained a famous tradition in Indonesia and Africa. Today many of the inland tribes still have it in its same ancient form. Egyptians broadened the practice of tattooing throughout the globe. Ancient Egyptian tattoos were of dots and dashes used for fertility rites or ceremonies which were usually used by females. But now it has turned out to be a co-trend even in the western countries which includes the symbols of human parts and animal, gods and goddesses, bastet, Isis, Osiris, Amun Ra. Japan has also integrated the use of tattooing very skillfully. People do it for religious purposes and the on ceremonies. Today these tattoo designers use the best and intricate color schemes. Africans have dark skins so it's a little complex to make tattoos so for that they cut the layer of skin for that turns them into scars. Greeks were taught tattooing by the Persians and usually the woman had raised this trend and in turn the Romans adopted the Greek trend of tattooing. Tribal tattooing is also taken to the western European countries in about mid-evil times. Here painting was done on bodies permanently with the help of wood that had spiral and tripped designs. Native Americans set the trend of tattooing specially among the warriors. It elevated status and in North America tattooed chins of ladies indicated marital status.
There exist an infinite number of designs and trends of tattoos all over the world. The most famous of them are tribal, Japanese and Chinese tattoos, Polynesian, feminine tattoos, zodiac and horoscope tattoos. Similarly there are star, fairy and flower, dragon, cross, angel, skull, and heart tattoos. Female tattoos are different then the male tattoos. Women who wore tattoos ten years back marked the signs of rebellion and mutiny. But people started wearing it in fashion when celebrities publicly showed them off.
Every culture has a different purpose of wearing the tattoos which kept on changing the trends of tattooing and eventually added more variety to it. For some people in ancient times this trend was to demonstrate symbol and status, some did for religious and spiritual purposes, others for medal and courage. But as the time passed people started wearing tattoos in fashion and it became more a symbol of being trendy and cool. Senior citizens usually wear tattoos for hiding their baggy skin. There exist some sentimental that is in India where parents tattoo their children to keep track.

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