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Tribal of tattoo

Tribal tattoos as the name suggest are the symbols used to identify one tribal form another. Tribal tattoos have enjoyed a restoration. In ancient times, tribes were the identification of any person and to distinguish one tribal person from any other tribal person; they used to draw these tattoos on their bodies.

These tribal tattoos were not on006Cy associated with tribes but also with local, magical or religious groups. There can be many reasons why a tribe or a group chooses any specific symbol as their tattoo. Some have their religious believes associated with that. Some think myth logically. Others prefer some tattoo design because they consider it positive for them and so on.

In ancient times, the process of tattoo was much complicated and painful than it is nowadays. In those times, people used to take a blackened sharp stick from fire and tattooed their body. In some areas, women used to draw a design on person's body with clay, hit the design with an awl and then rub blue clay over it. As soon the clay is dried, the design was marked under the awl holes. There were many such thorny processes and some take days to get a final result.

Tribal tattoos are still alive in modern age but the process is changed. Now street gangs use these tattoos to identify who is their friend and who is an enemy. Tribal tattoos are mostly artistic designs. The most popular designs in tribal tattoos are Haida, Maori and Polynesian designs. Tribal tattoo designs have endless possibilities because many design ideas can be taken from ancient times. Nowadays latest graphic designs are in fashion.

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